J&R Schugel is now offering Web2Road e-learning platform for your on-boarding needs. Drivers have the ability to complete orientation or certification class from the comfort of their own homes. This is just one more effort J&R Schugel has implemented in hopes to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

It will still be necessary for drivers to come to a terminal location for road tests as well as physicals and drug screens, if they have not been completed beforehand. With this in mind, we wanted to remind you of the following protective procedures we have implemented at our facilities:

  • Installation of sanitizer stations
  • Increased disinfection of all facilities
  • Screening visitors and new hires for Coronavirus symptoms
  • Wearing rubber gloves when working on trucks
  • Wearing masks when entering trucks
  • Signage promoting good hygiene and social distancing
  • Monitoring of potential COVID-19 cases
  • Requiring self-quarantine as needed
  • Contaminated trucks will be placed out of service until disinfection is completed
  • Using fog machines with disinfectant chemicals for trucks, orientation rooms, break rooms and bathrooms

If attending class in Columbus, OH; New Ulm, MN; or Ellenwood, GA please wear a face covering before entering any indoor public spaces including but not limited to; our facilities, motel and restaurants. Face covering means a piece of cloth, fabric, or other material that fully covers the mouth and nose that is secured with ear straps or otherwise ties so as to prevent slipping. Face coverings may be factory-made or may be handmade and improvised from household materials. Not limited to bandanas, scarves, medical masks, N95 masks or cloth masks.

Be assured we are still running strong at J&R Schugel. We primarily haul general commodities and household goods which are in high demand during this unprecedented time. Now more than ever, we need drivers like you to keep up with freight demands and deliver essential goods to the consumers.


By attending J&R Schugel’s orientation classes or entering our facilities, you acknowledge that your involvement and/or presence is voluntary, and you are acting under your own free will. J&R Schugel undertakes no direct legal or financial responsibility for your personal health or wellbeing while you are on our property including the risk of contracting any potential illnesses.

J&R Schugel Seats Mental Health Awareness Truck

Posted: August 13, 2021 • By:

Tony Helget & David Rosencrance

J&R Schugel has partnered with Fuel Graphics co.  for the third year in a row to design a custom wrap highlighting and raising awareness on social issues. We debuted the new truck a couple of months ago, choosing Mental Health as the issue of the year. We asked drivers to submit a small note, along with their desire to be seated in the new truck, detailing their experiences with Mental Health Issues. The response was overwhelming, heartbreaking, but also hopeful. J&R Schugel’s executive and marketing teams would like to thank all the drivers who submitted such heartfelt and powerful testimonials. 

It is our pleasure to announce Shawn McDermott as the driver chosen to seat the Mental Health Awareness Truck. Sean has been with J&R Schugel for ~4 years. You can hear more of his story in the video above. 

As of 2019, John Hopkins' University researchers estimate that as many as 26% of Americans will suffer from some sort of mental illness in their lifetime. Note that this was before the COVID-19 Pandemic, and many who were not used to isolation and lack of socialization are struggling even more today. For us in the Trucking Industry the statistics are even more staggering. Numerous articles have been written on the subject, as OTR and Long Haul Truckers are subject to some very harsh conditions, long periods of isolation and loneliness, and have very limited access to resources to help. John Hopkins' Magazine wrote an article on the subject in Fall of 2019.

J&R Schugel stands with our drivers and the drivers across the country in our commitment to ending the stigma around seeking help for Mental Health issues. If you're feeling isolated and alone, finding someone to simply talk to can be helpful. Some resources in combating mental health issues include; the National Suicided Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 as well as SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) 1-800-662-HELP (4357). 


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