J&R Schugel is now offering Web2Road e-learning platform for your on-boarding needs. Drivers have the ability to complete orientation or certification class from the comfort of their own homes. This is just one more effort J&R Schugel has implemented in hopes to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

It will still be necessary for drivers to come to a terminal location for road tests as well as physicals and drug screens, if they have not been completed beforehand. With this in mind, we wanted to remind you of the following protective procedures we have implemented at our facilities:

  • Installation of sanitizer stations
  • Increased disinfection of all facilities
  • Screening visitors and new hires for Coronavirus symptoms
  • Wearing rubber gloves when working on trucks
  • Wearing masks when entering trucks
  • Signage promoting good hygiene and social distancing
  • Monitoring of potential COVID-19 cases
  • Requiring self-quarantine as needed
  • Contaminated trucks will be placed out of service until disinfection is completed
  • Using fog machines with disinfectant chemicals for trucks, orientation rooms, break rooms and bathrooms

If attending class in Columbus, OH; New Ulm, MN; or Ellenwood, GA please wear a face covering before entering any indoor public spaces including but not limited to; our facilities, motel and restaurants. Face covering means a piece of cloth, fabric, or other material that fully covers the mouth and nose that is secured with ear straps or otherwise ties so as to prevent slipping. Face coverings may be factory-made or may be handmade and improvised from household materials. Not limited to bandanas, scarves, medical masks, N95 masks or cloth masks.

Be assured we are still running strong at J&R Schugel. We primarily haul general commodities and household goods which are in high demand during this unprecedented time. Now more than ever, we need drivers like you to keep up with freight demands and deliver essential goods to the consumers.


By attending J&R Schugel’s orientation classes or entering our facilities, you acknowledge that your involvement and/or presence is voluntary, and you are acting under your own free will. J&R Schugel undertakes no direct legal or financial responsibility for your personal health or wellbeing while you are on our property including the risk of contracting any potential illnesses.


Posted: February 25, 2021

Since her military father was a driver, and her mother and stepfather were both drivers, J&R Schugel team driver Nichole Johnson says, “I’ve always wanted to drive a truck even as a child, no question. It’s just in my blood.”

She, along with her husband Carl, achieved that dream four years ago, when they began team driving. Now, after two years with J&R Schugel, Nichole says this is their career home.

“It’s the best decision we could’ve made,” she says. “This is an amazing company. They treat us so well, like a close family. It’s a very personal environment.”

Nichole says that feeling was put to the test last year when Carl became gravely ill. “J&R Schugel never blinked; they never asked me to leave his side to work. Everyone just kept us in their prayers and made sure they knew we were supported,” she says. “That told us all we needed to know about how the company feels about drivers.”

As a CDL-A truck driver team, Nichole and Carl stay out on the road about a month at a time getting 4,500 to 5,000 miles per week. “Since we drive long haul, we love our 2020 purple Kenworth named Peanut,” Nichole jokes. “J&R loves to keep drivers in new equipment – it’s so comfortable and has all the safety and convenience features. We’re very grateful they make it a priority.”

In the first quarter of 2021, J&R Schugel is bringing on additional new trucks for incoming qualified Class A drivers.

For Nichole and Carl, one of the biggest advantages to joining J&R Schugel has to be the company’s employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), a qualified retirement plan that provides eligible employees with an ownership interest in the company. “The company is contributing to our retirement for us – we just drive!” she says. “The ESOP account is something for us to fall back on because you can’t just count on Social Security or 401(k) when the time comes. With J&R, we know our time and effort is paid for down the road.”

If you’re interested in a driving career with a more personal touch, or to learn more about J&R Schugel’s ESOP program, connect with us today!

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