Listen up!

Post Date - Jun 27, 2022

We are excited to announce that we’ve launched a new podcast – Road Rabbit The Podcast! Donnie Wilson (Safety) and Chelsee Patton (Recruiting) will be hosting the show. We will be using this platform to give updates on J&R Schugel and cover industry news. The most exciting part is that we’ll be sitting down with drivers and employees to showcase some of the incredible people who help make J&R Schugel what it is today. To start, episodes will drop once per month. We hope to produce two episodes per month once we have our feet under us and get used to this new venture. Bear with us on that..

Where to listen: All major podcast platforms: Apple, Google, Spotify, Libsyn, Audible, Deezer etc. Just search Road Rabbit The Podcast!

Contact: If you have anybody in mind that would be willing to join us as a guest on the show, you can submit their name and info to Ask your drivers if they’d be interested!

Suggestions/feedback: You can also email with topic suggestions and feedback. The more feedback we receive, the better we can be. Hope you’re having a fantastic day and thanks for listening!